Benefits of the AVANCA RPD®

Improved Patient Outcomes

Clinical trials demonstrate that the AVANCA RPD® provides better sample quality, larger samples, reduced hemorrhage, and increased safety.

Less Patient Pain

Clinical trials have demonstrated that deep needle procedures, biopsy, local anesthesia, intraarticular therapy, and injection/aspiration procedures are significantly less painful for the patient with the RPD®.

Greater Physician Control

The switch from aspiration to injection is as simple as moving the thumb from one plunger to another. By eliminating the need for a second hand or second syringe, you risk less trauma or chance for operator error. Clinical trials have demonstrated consistently improved physician control of needle and syringe with the RPD® as compared to the conventional syringe with one or two hands; the RPD® is also superior to the three ring control syringe, syringe pistols and guns, and other dedicated procedure syringes.

Greater Time Savings

By combining aspiration and injection in a single unit, you can also save valuable time in critical procedures. This time savings can be a relief for both the patient and physician. Clinical trials have demonstrated reduction in procedure time by 30 to 50%.

The RPD® is the Safety Replacement for:
• Syringes used in procedures
• Anesthesia syringes
• Control Syringes
• Biopsy Syringes
• Syringe Pistols
• Refilling syringes